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Tachograph Use

A driver falling under EC rules is required to use a tachograph. A tachograph is a device that records hours of driving, other work, breaks and rest periods. It can also record the distance covered and the speed at which the vehicle travels.

There are two types of tachograph; analogue and digital (Vehicles registered for the first time on or after the 1st May 2006 must have a digital tachograph).

Your analogues tachograph must be calibrated and sealed by an approved vehicle manufacturer or calibration centre. They must be checked every two years and recalibrated every six years at a Department for Transport approved calibration centre.

Your digital tachograph must be calibrated:
  • every two years
  • after any repair
  • if the vehicle registration number changes
  • if UTC is out by more than 20 minutes
  • after an alteration to the circumference of the tyres or characteristic coefficient.

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Last updated: 03/03/2010
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