Can your horsebox driving style help you combat the rising cost of diesel?

The shocking reality of the latest surge in fuel prices is that we are paying almost 20p per litre more than at this time last year.  The rise in fuel price, caused by a rise in fuel duty, the cost of crude oil and the recent VAT rise, is one of the factors being cited by equestrian centre owners and event organisers for a drop in entries.

The cost of fuel is just one of the many increases us horse owners are having to contend with; shavings, hay and hard feed have, in many areas of the UK, increased significantly.

There is no miracle solution to combat the rising cost of owning our four legged friends, but a more efficient driving style, both to and from the yard and when driving your horsebox, can make as much as a 15% saving on your fuel bill.

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Last updated: 27/11/2012