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Horsebox Height

The minimum clearance height of an unmarked bridge in the UK is 16ft 6in. Most bridges with a clearance of less than this will be marked with a warning sign. To avoid a bridge strike it is important that you know the height of your horsebox; measure your lorry and make a note of the height in the cab for quick reference and safe travelling. You should also plan your trip carefully, particularly where your destination involves a cross country route.

The marked clearance height is usually in the centre of the bridge, you will need to make allowance for this when navigating low bridges; wait for a safe opportunity to move towards the centre of the road to give yourself maximum clearance.

It is your responsibility to ensure your vehicle does not strike a bridge. If you are unsure, check before attempting to drive under the bridge. 

On 1st October 1997 regulations came into force to make drivers more aware of their vehicle/load height and the location of low bridges. For vehicles over three metres high the main requirements are as follows:
  • there must be a sign in your cab showing the overall travelling height of your vehicle or documents in the cab showing routes to be taken which ensure no risk of collision with a bridge.
  • depending on the vehicle's age, a warning device must be fitted to alert the driver if any power operated equipment located at high level on the vehicle has been left at a height higher than the vehicles normal driving height.
The height indicated in the cab must be correct at all times. In situations where feed and bedding supplies for example are stored on the roof of the vehicle, the height note must be amended accordingly, and likewise once these items have been removed from the roof.

Last updated: 27/06/2010
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